This site contains a compilation of my favorite Anti-Bama photos. 

University of Alabama Football Fans can be some of the most elitist, arrogant and obnoxious football fans in the world.

Bama fans constantly (this is a HUGE understatement) proclaim that they have tradition and class. They would have everyone believe that they have more class than everyone else, simply because they chose a particular football team to root for. That's right, I said "chose". That's because the only time many Bama fans (usually the most obnoxious ones) have set foot on the campus, is to attend football games. I'll give them tradition, but since class is action (not words), their class speaks for itself.

This site is a meager attempt to even the score, albeit intended to be a humorous attempt. In other words, it's "All In Fun!" This site features a photo album compilation of Anti-Bama pics and other Anti-Bama text.

While this site and the photos depicted here are intended to be humorous and poke fun at the University Of Alabama, some of the materials presented could be preceived by some as in bad taste. This is particularly true if you are a Bama fan. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee that Bama fans will NOT be amused by this site!

Therefore, if you're easily offended, then I suggest you should leave!

This Week's Featured Anti-Bama Photo Album:

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*New Album - Bammer Fan Myths*

Note: This Photo Album Currently Featured Was Updated 10/20/01.

Today's Featured Anti-Bama Pic:

Ooops... Look Like The Bammers
Fell Off Their Holier-Than-Thou Pedestal!
Welcome To Shreveport, Losers!

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